Typhoon Hagupit Update #2

Typhoon Hagupit Update #2

Typhoon Hagupit Update #2
Tuesday December 9, 2:00am PST

Details are still coming in from the field as Hagupit passes over Manila today with heavy rains. Flash floods and landslides are still a major concern. 27 people have already been reported killed, most of them drowned in floodwaters. The government evacuated more than 1 million people prior to Hagupit’s arrival, which averted greater loss of life. Many people are returning to their villages to find their homes destroyed.

Hagupit has been less powerful than last year’s Typhoon Haiyan, which left over 7,300 people dead. Yet tens of thousands of families are still living in shelter homes and tents following last year’s storm. Luckily, Hagupit has weakened as it passed over the Philippines, and the heaviest of it missed the areas still recovering from Haiyan, including Tacloban. However the Samar province was hit hard by both Haiyan and Hagupit, and it is estimated that more than 2,500 houses have been destroyed there.

The Climate Relief Fund is raising money to help the people of the Philippines recover in a sustainable way. Please make a donation here to support the relief effort.

Our Local Partner
100% of money raised through the Climate Relief Fund will go to the Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC), which we teamed up with for our recent Haiyan anniversary campaign. CDRC is doing emergency response and long term recovery work while also making the connection to climate and dealing with climate justice issues. They have a more than 20 year history of responding to disasters in the Philippines, and will be supporting rebuilding long after international attention fades.

Looking Ahead
Because the storm is still hitting the Philippines, and some of the worst damage may come from flooding and associated landslides, we will not know for a couple of days how widespread the damage is. We will update this blog again later this week when we know more. But whatever the case, there will be significant cleanup and recovery work to do.

Please make a donation to help the relief effort here. Thank you for your support!

Image: AFP