A new way to do relief

We are the only disaster relief fund that gives 100% of donations to local organizations while helping the public understand the root cause of climate disasters. Your money goes directly to on-the-ground relief partners who know best how to help their neighbors in need. Here's how it works in 4 simple steps.

Photo: John de Guzman

Understanding the climate connection

The Climate Relief Fund focuses on disasters where there is a clear connection to climate change. When disaster strikes, we work with our advisory council and science advisors to make sure we understand the climate connection and can communicate it accurately to the public. We also evaluate the scope of the disaster to determine whether the Fund should get involved.


Local partners know best

The Climate Relief Fund believes strongly that local, on-the-ground groups know best how to support short-term relief and long-term recovery in their communities. Guided by this approach, our staff and advisory council work together to select the best local relief partners to work with.


Speed counts

Communities devastated by climate disasters need support immediately. That’s why we move quickly to organize our fundraising allies, which include membership organizations and mission-aligned businesses. Using online outreach and traditional media, we spread the word about the needs on the ground, and then distribute 100% of your donations to our local relief partners.


Climate disasters contain teachable moments

Climate-fueled disasters represent unique opportunities to educate the public that climate change is here and now, not far away and in the future. That’s why we work hard to tell the story of disaster victims and our local relief partners, so they can share their experiences, and help the public understand the urgency of taking action on climate change.